About Us

Mission Statement: Transforming communities by training and equipping leaders in South Asia.

GTi HOPE brings the light of literacy and the message of peace and love to uneducated and often marginalized people in South Asia so they can claim their own self-worth, have hope for a brighter future, and know they are loved by God.


  • Women’s Literacy Projects – All-encompassing educational program. $25 sponsors a woman.
  • Sewing Machines – Help impoverished women provide for their families. $125 per sewing machine.
  • CBS – 2 weeks of day camp similar to VBS. $1 per child.
  • Water Wells – Provide a village with a clean and safe water supply.  $1,500 per well.
  • Village Rehabilitation Projects – Intensive all-encompassing educational program for 500 men and women over 2 years. $7,500 per year.
  • Community Empowerment Projects –3-year project to transform 25 or more villages in a related people group.   $30/month or more for 3 years. 

Federal EIN: 55-0865401, Registered 501(c)3.

ECFA Accredited, enhancing trust

Be a Blessing, Serve as a Sender, Romans 10:13-15