Robb Montgomery

Executive Director

About us

Churches are suffering from a "me first" syndrome which is keeping them from making disciples. With a Loving Culture Ministries New Testament blueprint implemented, people will show up to love and serve others, so they can become a church that makes people smile. Loving Culture Ministries helps churches reach people where they are and takes them to where they want to be. I help churches be more effective in their ministry.

Our plan

We have a plan to help you solve your problems:
The Loving Culture Church Success Plan

1. Schedule a discovery call
2. Create a customized plan
3. Create a congregation that never wants to leave your church
4. Your church is a place where everyone wants to smile

The Paradigm Shift Guarantee

-This is a long-term relationship between the church and myself. I'll check in on you and be willing to come back in and help you overcome any obstacles or roadblocks we didn't anticipate.
-The plan will be in the framework of the church you've already established and it will get you to where you want to go.
-I offer a money-back guarantee.
-As we've discovered over the last couple of years, churches must change and adapt to the evolutionary problems in our society.